In my last post, I briefly introduced a South African based and locally designed clothing brand, Minimal ExposureHaving been chosen as an ambassador for their upcoming collection titled Musafir (Arabic for – traveler), it’s become clear within the last few weeks just how much I’ve missed travelling. Ever inspired by the pieces she wears, this collection seems unwittingly made with yours truly in mind; the extent to which this collection resonates with me is as unmissable as Morocco’s bustling souks, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

When I envisioned myself breaking bread with the locals at night, somewhere on a remote desert (cue the day-long drive from Marakesch to the Sahara dessert) while lounged around a fire with soft music playing in the background, these were the pants to do so in.
Despite the grandeur of such an experience as described above, the location itself still might warrant a casual attire. However, for yours truly, the art of introducing dressier pieces in to more functional outfits has become conventional – a silky camisole and mules slippers are my go-to for just this, while adding a light duster kimono and slicked back hair easily pulls together the entire ensemble. It’s an effortless way to see, explore, experience and revel in the beauty of one’s travel journey.

Below I’m wearing the Safar Pants and the Petra Kimono, both of which will be available to purchase (made-on-order) from Minimal Exposure from mid-September 2017. To stay updated with the exact dates, collection previews and more details on the brand itself, follow MINIMAL EXPOSURE on Instagram HEREor visit their website HERE. Join our mailing list HEREBy doing so, you’ll receive notifications of new content sent straight to your inbox.

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