The lovely team behind locally produced craft art, LAZY DAISY, sent over a few of their selected items imploring me to style my space and outfit around each piece. What’s more, with each piece attentively hand crafted, no two artworks are alike. Simply put these pieces are much like the inimitable objet d’art we so often seek out on field trips to museums showcasing rare art from lifetimes before. 

As per my love for the arts, I’ve recently been gravitating toward bold earrings paired with minimal wardrobe pieces – the pièce de résistance to a culled wardrobe collection. Paired here with an oversize shirt and an undone hairstyle, these statement earrings all but call for the minimalist’s insouciant juxtaposing guise, synergising perfectly as function meets form.

As for the space where us freelance creatives arguably spend most of our time, our respective interiors should be personal to our needs and wants, and should be functional. I opt for clean lines, light airy spaces and natural materials like wood, plants and organic fabrics. The hand-crafted wooden triangle shelf is both practical and stylish, and brings character in to any space when displayed carefully.

Unsure where to style this striking piece, I woke up early on Sunday, knowing that the morning light peeping through my blinds would set the stage and all but point out the perfect spot in my room to hang this beautiful wooden frame. Seemingly in luck, I found two great ways to style it: one for desktops and similar surfaces (suited to those unwilling to commit to a wall-hanging shelf): the other for vast blank spaces in need of color, texture and rustic character. The wood used here is a deep rich mahogany and offsets the greens, and whites that makeup the entirety of my bedroom color palette, while matching the wooden floors almost to a tee. What stands out to me about this rather sturdy crafted piece is how well it transitions from a wall hanging center piece, to a beside table manifesto. If you’re not in to plants, I think smaller line drawings would debut really well, too.

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