When it comes to wearing color, last year’s me would vehemently argue against the very idea of looking at, let alone buying, something even remotely not “minimal” (i.e. black, white, grey or beige). This attitude had gotten me through my de-cluttering phase, having rid myself of all the excess I’d accumulated since 13 years old. In earnest, I’d become something of a spartan, wanting for nothing, and living with the very bare essentials. By no means was it as extreme as the ancient Spartans of Greece, but the idea of minimalism I was prescribing to felt restrictive. I was struggling to create content, when that, in and of itself, required me to explore clothes on a larger scale than before.


Then came my encounters with other so-called minimalists, something I’m now grateful for, and which allowed me to question what minimalism meant, both on a personal level, and more generally. What kind of minimalist did I want to be, and was I in fact indirectly undo-ing all the good I had done to attain the lifestyle of a minimalist? These were the questions I’d come to contemplate over several months during the course of last year (in fact, maybe closer to a full year). The more I thought about it, the more obvious it became that I was bored, utterly so, to the point where I stopped looking for ways to re-style that white shirt for the umpteenth time, and almost certain that my online community were most-likely tired of seeing the same black trousers 20 posts in a row.

W ith this knowledge, or rather, self-awareness, came a welcomed sigh-of-relief; I realized I could gradually and responsibly discard my old garments, to make room for new pieces, and without the guilt. Second was color, as is now evident, a change which intrigued me. You see, color was the one thing I always steered clear from, and yet, it was now what called to me the most. First it was a red blouse (seen a number of times on the blog, and more-so on my instagram HERE). Then, several months later, it was a yellow jersey, followed shortly by a paisley print dress in the same shade. Solid color makes an immediate impact, it instantly becomes the vehicle that propels a look from drab to visually interesting.


The key to color, at least from a minimalist’s perspective, is to pick one shade at a time, and learn to understand it in relation to the rest of your existing wardrobe. Mine was yellow. Yellow was a bold choice, but a necessary one, it’s the kind of color I’d previously never go for, and thus it challenged me to think creatively about how to wear it. Next, I began to think of other colors in relation to, and in line with, my primary color. Influenced by the season trend of monotone looks, I decided on shades of warm brown and beige tones. These secondary colors play beautifully to the vibrant yellow, and by extension, that of my existing sea of black, grey and white wardrobe. To me, this look speaks beautifully to the harmony between primary and secondary color, indeed in a bold way – but that’s something I’m learning not to shy away from anymore.

“..pick one shade at a time, and learn to understand it in relation to the rest of your existing wardrobe.”




Jersey by HM | shop HERE
Dress by HM | shop HERE
Boots by Forever21