Being the observational type, I picked up that the need to feel well-dressed stems from a long pursuit of trying to understand one’s own tastes – wanting those tastes to reflect across the board, in both the home environment and wardrobe. With a flair for the basics, I typically gravitate towards neutral colors that can mix and match with relative ease. Juggling meetings, lunch dates, long hours of admin and planning content, for yours truly work often runs overtime in to weekends. That said, having to “dress up” every day of the week is impossible, even if most of my wardrobe does comprise of button downs and tailored pants. Having a strong desire for comfort when the workload increases, the key to actually being productive on weekends is finding ways to balance dressing down while still feeling put-together, and without having to overthink it.

While in the midst of deciding between staying in PJs all day, versus actually getting dressed, I realized my wardrobe lacked pieces that could service my weekend work agenda and still take me from one social to the next. Dotted in the journal of things to get, comfortable pants remained a somewhat rough terrain for someone so very attached to their assorted trousers. So, when Spree sent over a rather whimsical pair (and in pink, no less) I immediately took this as a sign of fate – I had no idea what Spree would send over, and for once I’m actually glad about that. Along with an exquisite velvet body suit from Mango, Spree’s little gift has proven itself a worthy contender on my rail of trousers and button downs. With a metallic like shine and opalescent glow, these pleated culottes feel like nothing on the skin and look absolutely luxurious paired with a chunky knitted sweater and boots

Wearing STYLE REPUBLIC pleated pants (available here at Spree), grey wool jumper and suede ankle boots both available at HM.
Statement earrings by Cotton On.

Add a little edge with an oversize biker jacket and statement jumper, as seen below. Key advice: be prepared to throw any notions of proportion out the window – you’ll thank me later when those chilly winter weekends arrive.

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Images by Lemuel Witbooi
Copyright 2017


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