In an attempt to reintroduce myself after nearly a year and half of wearing (and loathing) braces, I decided to delve head first in to a shade of lipstick as dark as night with a deep red wine stain to contrast nearly every feature on my face. Instantly transformed in to someone new, I still felt like me, only more present; halted in a moment where commanding the room – the attention of everyone present – was secondary to the bold confidence I was now beginning to embrace. You see, for yours truly, the thought of a bold lipstick frightened me for some time. However, unlike my unwavering preference for black sugarless caffeine, I was now almost certain that a bold lip held reverence over the rest of my minimal makeup collection, it’s power to transform with minimal effort scoring it off the charts.

After a weekend spent reveling in Wet n Wild’s “Cherry Bomb” lipstick, I decided to include it as part of my go-to winter makeup routine, paired with bushy brows, big lashes and my ultimate wardrobe essential – a crisp white shirt. For a modern approach to wearing bold lipstick, opt for glossy waves that fall and frame the face naturally. Alternatively, wear hair in a loose low bun and have your bold lip go head-head with your ultimate statement earrings – your crisp white shirt will ease the tension and lessen the drama created by these two trending favorites.

Statement Earrings from Cotton On South Africa, White Shirt by Truworths

Images Copyright The Minimale Blogger

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