When the opportunity presents itself, trust yours truly to grab it without hesitation. As the family headed out on errands, I grabbed my things and headed off on a solo brunch expedition, camera in tow, forcing a magazine into my already stuffed tote. Having had one of those “what to wear” mornings, I grabbed a ruffled-sleeve jumper off my feature rail and paired it with some well-loved trousers and chunky ankle boots. Not sure where I’d land up, I let the smell of coffee and eggs guide me to my destination.

The popular franchise Knead cafe in Kenilworth, an oldie but goodie, had just the right ambiance for a somewhat office set-up where I could nestle myself at the bar counter overlooking a rather busy main road just ahead. After a simple yet delicious breakfast and coffee, I took out my journal and pen and spent the better part of an hour writing and planning and pouring over the April issue of UK’s Harper’s Bazaar. Before leaving, the I met up with the boyfriend who joined for a quick latte as I packed up the remnants of the perfect Sunday morning..

Wearing Ruffled Sweater and Tailored Trousers by HM, and Tote Bag by Woolworths

Apparel Images by Lemuel Witbooi
All Images Copyright The Minimale Blogger