Over the last few years, as some of you will know, my skin has had to deal with a lot. Having developed eczema at the age of 17, then later cystic acne, I’m now a month away from 24 years old and have noticed signs of aging around the eye area. While I always imagined embracing my wrinkles and sagging skin, I foresaw the process happening much later in life, and I suppose that’s still something to look forward to. In the interim, I’ve latched on to 3 specific products developed by Dr. Hauschka cosmetics ( a press sample gifted to me at a recent media event) to aid my skin concerns.

The press sample included 3 travel-size products, each perfectly packaged with a leaflet of information about the Dr Hauschka brand, and directions on how to use the product. Its since been two weeks of use, and in that time I’ve really enjoyed using their Cleansing Milk, Rose Day Cream, and Firming Mask.

I’ve found the Cleansing Milk to be most effective after a sweaty gym session – where my skin is usually make-up free. When I do wear makeup, I’ll start off by removing it with organic coconut oil, rinse that off with warm water, and after patting dry, I apply the cleansing milk generously on my t-zone, and jawline. The milk itself leaves a wonderful scent on the skin, yet still mild on drier areas – something I rarely experience with fragrant skincare.

On a typical day after cleansing, I follow up with sparing amounts of the Rose Day Cream. I apply it to the driest areas of my skin first, then disperse whatever product is left on my hands across the rest of my face and neck. My skin looks and feels radiant and provides such a great base for my foundation.

Once a week, I’ll follow up on cleansing with the Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask, ideal for combating signs of aging around the eye and mouth area (frown lines as their most commonly referred to). If I’m being honest, I was hesitant to try the firming mask after reading the care instructions (“avoid sunlight post-use” would probably scare off anyone). However, after using both the day cream and cleansing milk without reaction, I decided to finally try it. I kept the product on for just under 15 minutes before rinsing off, and immediately noticed how plump my skin looked.

Trialing this range has been immensely rewarding, having had difficulty finding high-end products for sensitive acne-prone skin. If you’re curious to discover more about the Dr. Hauschka range, visit their online shop here, or speak to a health consultant at the Wellness Warehouse pharmacy in Kloof street, Cape Town for personalized assistance.

Images by Rebecca Arendse