In an industry so often misconstrued by harsh criticism for its lack of inclusiveness, I was recently inspired by the sui generis and hardworking (Los Angeles based) Amy of Vagabond Youth notoriety, who partnered with Tresemme to attend NYFW.
Like Amy, I too shared a dream of one day attending fashion week and doing so because the work and content I was creating was of value to someone. Having grown up confused about where and how I could fit in, worrying that I didn’t have the right look or ideas to be considered worthy of a platform in the fashion sphere, it was momentous being invited to the AFI Mille Collines AW17 collection, then later attending several other shows too. And, just as Amy had shared her proud achievements with a support base of readers and viewers rooting for her success, I decided that I too would take my readers along on my experience at Cape Town Fashion Week.

Treading a fine-line between fashionably late, and unceremoniously on-time, the boyfriend and I arrived at fashion week dressed smart-casual (him) and semi-formal (me) and hurried to the ticket desk to escape the blasting winds, at which point we collected our tickets for the Mille Collines show. While we waited for the show to start, we grabbed two warm beverages and tried to avoid the huge crowds of people hording to and fro as if to some rhythmic order unbeknownst to us.

Hearing the announcement for standby seats to a show before ours, we quickly made our way to inquire, and were shown to our unclaimed seats, full view of the runway and fashionable front-row attendees, including the legendary Jackie Burger. It wasn’t too longer thereafter, that the event had come to an abrupt end as wind conditions became a safety concern, and shows rescheduled. While disappointing, the shows itself ignited my dormant enthusiasm for runway and fashion week. Tonight I return with a keen eagerness to see, engage and be inspired.

Here are some favorite looks from the runway, taken by me.

And here’s what I wore;

Blazer: Vintage | Black Sheer Camisole: Cotton On | Tailored Pants: HM | Shoes: Superbalist | Earrings: Lazy Daisy

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