It’s been ages since I’ve shared my input on a rather large and sometimes daunting subject; foundations. Today, the global beauty industry is worth well over $18 billion, according to analysts at Goldman Sachs, and so it’s easy to understand how one can get caught up in the confusion of thousands of products, wondering which one is worth your money, and which ones to avoid. While I myself have no notions about being rather under-equipped to lecture about which are the “right” products, I do have a few words to say about my current favorite foundation: the L’Oréal Tue
Match Super Blendable.

A cult favorite among beauty aficionados, youtube makeup gurus, and backstage fashion week pros; each cite this foundation as a must-have in their vast makeup kits. As someone who chooses less over more, and thus willing to spend a little extra on just one, I decided to purchase the True Match foundation for around R185, which by no means compares to the more exorbitant high-end foundations, but does cost a bit more than the average drugstore ones. I read a few reviews before deciding on the True Match, and noticed that most recommended applying the product with a damp beauty blender, so I also re-purchased one of those for around R80.

In terms of my skin concerns, I focus primarily on evening out my skin tone, and building extra coverage around areas that tend to get red easily, like my nose and chin. This foundation is like magic in a bottle; just one pump gives a great medium-coverage, while two pumps really allows for full-coverage. I applied two pumps with a beauty blender and ended up getting more coverage than I expected, however, my skin looked radiant and glowing despite and the foundation didn’t feel caked on either. What I loved most was how perfectly the foundation oxidized to better match my yellow undertones, while neutralizing red areas across my face. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to entirely conceal my chin breakout, but applying the tiniest amount of concealer on the spot, and then blending it into the rest of the foundation worked fine.

If you’re interested in trying out this amazing foundation, shop the L’Oréal True Match here.