With the promise of opportunities to start a new, we occasionally tend to avoid the dreaded modus operandi to a clean slate, clinging to the notion that it need be a daunting task of purging our yesterdays in favor of blank-slate tomorrows. The simpler route, I feel, is to focus on the present day. Perhaps that entails a scribbled but nevertheless legible (and realistic) to-do-list, or waking up earlier for those extra hours to get “it” done. By tackling a task you’ve been meaning to get to but have slacked on, you’ve allowed yourself to achieve something, and that achievement leads to a meaningful shift in other aspects of our daily lives. Achieving little goals everyday all add up to consistent virtue – not immediately, but over time and by stead-fast commitment.

Willing myself to make this Monday both productive and, dare I say it, exciting even, I decided to do jot down my own to-do-list the night before, and tick-off as the day unfolded. Come Monday, I woke up – though not without mangling the snooze button – then got out of bed and inattentively sipped on the usual morning coffee while glancing through a few fashion magazines. Breakfast included a simple toast and egg concoction and served as the perfect fuel for my gym workout at midday.

For the rest of the day’s apparel, I culled this monochromatic look as the perfect canvas to go with my navy messenger satchel – an old/new addition I added to my capsule wardrobe this week.

Wearing Lunah Milk Blouse, HM pants, and Spree mules.

With this Monday coming to a close, I managed to tick off nearly everything on my to-do-list, all that’s left is to quietly indulge in a comforting cuppa gingerbread latte – cue a kettle whistling in the distance..