As far as slogan t-shirts go, the last time I was so keen on owning my very own was somewhere back in 10th grade when emotive jargon was conveyed through angry femme quotes on “emo” t-shirts – of which I owned several. At the time I had no real interest or awareness of what being a feminist meant, or entailed, and despite that, there I was, donning t-shirts that low-key spoke out against girls being oppressed.

Fast forward nearly a decade, and slogan t-shirts have been immensely popularized own runways, in real-life, and have become important conversation starters among the curious crowds of people eager on these topics. For yours truly, a chance to let the world know that micro-aggression against women (whether that be through actions or words) is simply unacceptable. And, because of this, I also believe that as a feminist, it’s important to acknowledge that feminism is experienced differently for different people across races, ages, religious views, gender identity and economic standing, and sexuality. Wearing my slogan t-shirt below, I get to express that belief, and invite conversation on the topic without having to always say it out loud.

“Inclusion is a vital part of any movement against oppression, and we need to acknowledge the many channels through which oppression is experienced.” – Girl Gang Apparel

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