Fuego, a taqueria situated among one of Cape Town’s most frequented food hub districts, provides more than just decadent, dreamy interiors – which is what probably first grabs your attention. After a few rounds of overwhelming mouthfuls of amazing foods, it’s this delicious taste of Latin cuisine that will have us shortly returning again, and again. Fuego is a place where two people can happily spend an hour or two simply enjoying each other’s company, while bonding over their shared fulfillment of great food and unique ambiance. With the soft, but welcomed sounds of Spanish lyrics and ambient melodies softly belting out in the background, this evocation of Latin culture is alluring to say the least.

For starters, we tried the respective Carne and Vegetales tacos; deciding shortly thereafter to try one more round to completely satisfy us (at which point we ordered the Pollo tacos). Immediately it seemed we had both chosen our favorite; our mutual top pick was the Pollo, both for its rich flavor and complexity, whilst the Carne went head-to-head with the avocado and black bean Vegetales – a delight thanks to the delicious toppings of seasoned crispy potatoes and charred corn.

If you simply cannot go without that decadent final act to close off your eating experience (yes, I know that’s just a long-winded way of saying “dessert” but it’s apt given the experience we’ve had here), then try their sugar and cinnamon Churros (served with your choice of either chocolate or caramel dipping sauce). Before the enticing aroma of caffeine begins to fill up the quaint taqueria, be sure to pair you churros with one of their caffeine offerings.

The final verdict? A food experience that transcends its surroundings while completely delighting the senses.