I think many of us can agree, Mondays have become increasingly pejorative, despite it’s very nature to bring about new opportunities. I also feel obliged to elaborate on that last thought, so as to not sound overly optimistic as is common with some of us freelance creatives. Indeed, Mondays are different for everyone, and I certainly do take in to account that my job doesn’t demand an early start at the office, or the common 1 day transition from weekend to work mode – but that’s partly due to the fact that I work right through the week and well in to the weekend. With constant deadlines,and last minute campaigns popping up, it’s imperative that I’ve got a head start on the week ahead; picture a wildly scribbled to-do-list already running off the page.

It’s because of this that I’ve had to approach Monday’s wardrobe with several things in mind, and the list of things to do, while ambitious, are all necessary if I’ve any intention to have a productive week. From early morning admin duties, to a long and draining gym session, a meeting scheduled somewhere between post-gym shower and actually sitting down to eat lunch, my day operates like jump rope, from one task to the next. And though the better part of the morning is spent in pjs, then gym tights, that’s no where near the sort of attire I change in to later. White shirts, in all it’s varieties, are non-negotiable, and depending on the season, will either be accompanied by a tailored menswear blazer, or worn solo with the sleeves slightly bunched – again, it’s the little things that elevate a simple look.


S peaking of which, these culottes – with it’s frilled trimming along the waistband and on the pockets – are flattering for everyday wear and have quickly become my go-to summer trousers. Cinched at the waist, I’ve belted it with a simple faux-textured black belt with gold detailing – a detailed match on the little structured bag.