I’ve had heaps of time off these last few weeks, and with all of that free time on my hands I decided to invest a good chunk of it in to my interiors. In today’s post I’ll be sharing with you all the new bits and bobs I’ve added to my space, and share some of my inspiration, compliments of pinterest.

The first step was to ensure that my bedroom was almost entirely functional, and thanks to my transition to minimalism, I was nearly there. I donated anything I wasn’t using and stored away things that I used occasionally. With what remained, I decided to add a few pieces of furniture and plenty of new greenery. The change was inspired by my realization from a weeks back after I had put together a room tour. I had already filmed everything, and realized halfway through editing the video clips that I wasn’t yet happy with my living space – and that it sorely lacked my own personality. Thankfully, I’ve had the downtime to really conceptualize my interiors and put my vision in to practice, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing how its all come together.

First off are indoor plants as I feel they’be made the biggest difference to my room and are the easiest to pieces to add to any space. Having an assortment of interesting leafy indoor plants is something I feel has made a huge difference to my room, especially in warming up the space and giving it a vibrancy it had previously lacked. I first started collecting them back in 2013 when the boyfriend had gifted me a little beside plant, followed by another a few months later. Fast forward three years, I own just under 10 assorted varieties of indoor plants, the latest of which is a baby Monstera (delicious monster!). I’ve also started purchasing lush ceramic gloss pots (available from Stodels) which come in assorted sizes and colors. I’ve chosen white, and I love how they contrast and compliment all my green leafy plants.

When it comes to indoor plants, there really is just one basic rule to keeping your plants happy and thriving: read their care-instructions. Some leafy plants love good indoor light, while others thrive in shaded areas. You’ll also need to check how often your individual plants need to be watered, as they vary too. It might sound like a bit of work, but having fresh greenery in your space makes a big difference, and can even help keep your air clean – so take care of them.

Moving on to furniture, some of you who follow me on Instagram might have already seen the latest addition to my bedroom, but for those who haven’t, it’s a beautiful vintage wooden armchair. The frame of the armchair has a lived-in feel, but the design strikes me as modern. I reworked the covers and added a few scatter cushions from H&M home to tie in with my minimalist aesthetic, and this has really helped pull the space together. Now, I have an additional space to sit and work, or curl up with a book – and before I would relegate this activity to my bed. Sometimes diverting from your desk to an alternative working space can really ignite one’s creativity and renew your approach to things.

On a final note, I thought it would be fun to feature some of the interior spaces that’s inspired me over the last few weeks, and you can see a whole lot more over on my pinterest board afterwards, by clicking here.