Today’s outfit post is accompanied by a brief personal story that speaks a bit about why I came out as “a minimalist” earlier this year. This shift has completely altered the way I think about fashion and my own personal style and has carried over in to many aspects of my life too.

Keep reading to learn more about my experiences and what impact my transition to minimalism has had on my life. WHAT MINIMALISM MEANS TO ME


Hello, and welcome to The Minimale Blogger.

Founded by Wijdan Arendse – both creative director and content creator for THE MINIMALE BLOGGER – the then 23-year-old UCT graduate decided to turn her part-time passion in to a full-time career.

It’s been nearly a decade since I started exploring the world of the internet and its many online social platforms. During that time, I’ve been lucky enough to come in to my own and find my unique voice in the world of blogging. As someone who subscribes to a lifestyle that craves quality over quantity, my interests in fashion, skincare, travel, and interiors, are all documented from a perspective of quality.

Since starting leminimalistecollectif.com, it’s been a passion of mine to create a platform for engaging content, for visual storytelling, and to instill in my readers a responsible approach to fashion. As our network grows, I hope to continue sharing my style journey with you all in the hopes of inspiring and encouraging you to feed your soul through your own style stories. Staying true to oneself and being able to express that is a truly wonderful feeling, and I want to use this platform to affect that sense in my readers.

Until the next post.