I think many of us can agree, Mondays have become increasingly pejorative, despite it’s very nature to bring about new opportunities. I also feel obliged to elaborate on that last thought, so as to not sound overly optimistic as is common with some of us freelance creatives. Indeed, Mondays are different for everyone, and I certainly do take in to account that my job doesn’t demand an early start at the office, or the common 1 day transition from weekend to work mode – but that’s partly due to the fact that I work right through the week and well in to the weekend. With constant deadlines, FAILPROOF MONDAYS


T o travel just outside of your city and still be enamored by the beauty of a sunrise, or the sound of the ocean drifting like background music at a tranquil spa, gently ushering you to sleep – is something everyone should experience if by the means to do so. Speaking presently, this past weekend away in Paternoster feels distant, like a memory I’d imagined myself having, despite it being such a recent experience. Amidst the daytime overcast grey skies, and otherworldly sunsets – lasting no more than a mere glimpse from our veranda – I still need a moment to recollect that it was real, and that AFFAIRE D’AMOUR: VOYAGE ET MODE


Growing pains couldn’t possibly rival that of adulthood, what with demand for consumerism increasing, many of us try – but often fail – to weed out what’s worth our money, and simply put, what isn’t. As a blogger, while ironically also a minimalist, I’ve learned to wait out on impulse buying, and nearly a year later, can confidently purchase new pieces that I truly want. Today’s post is BITS N’ PIECES