I n a recent sit down with a group of accomplished and, simply put, alarmingly brilliant women, I noticed each had gone through – or were in the midst of – a groundbreaking change. It’s the kind of change that awakens something we often go looking for, but are unaware of when it begins to manifest in our lives. As I sat and listened to their various stories, it was Jackie Burger’s simplification of how changes in our lives can (and should) manifest itself in our wardrobes too – because style is extremely emotive and expressive of who we are, whether intentional or not.

As a new cycle begins in the form of Spring, I’ve decided to branch out and incorporate the few bits of color I’ve previously neglected in my wardrobe. Naturally, the idea of foregoing my staple black and white scares me, but I want to express my love for earthy color and embrace my wardrobe for the changes it’s been through, along with me. I’d like to maximize my selective wardrobe by giving each piece, and more importantly, give myself, a chance to do and be more.


“…because style is extremely emotive and expressive of who we are, whether intentional or not.”


w ith a new outlook on life, and a brand new look here on the blog, I truly feel like I’ve come full circle this year – though there’s still a bit of learning and challenges to face in this last quarter of 2017. Making the conscious decision to fall in love with one’s wardrobe and the power it holds shouldn’t be overlooked. Taking one thing away from my sit-down, it is to always prioritize how you feel in something, whether that be your clothes, the spaces you’re in, or the people you’re surrounded by – if it feels wrong, trust your instinct and leave it, that or them behind. If you’re willing to make something work, make sure it works for you.


Jersey Knit by HM (Similar)
Customized Max Mara Pants
Closed Slides by Rubi
Clutch Bag by The Fix
Sunglasses (Shop Nude Shades HERE)