Its Saturday afternoon and the Woolworths cafe where I’m seated is buzzing. I order a tall Americano and start jotting down thoughts in my notepad. After a little while, I see a tall blonde approaching the table, wearing a grey knit, matching fitted denims and black platform boots. She exudes a subtle confidence and grace as she flashes a warm smile and sits down. After ordering herself a tall Vanilla cappuccino,
our subject jumps straight into the busy day she’s had.

Amber is currently a design student at the Cape Town College of Fashion Design and says she spends her time juggling between creative assignments, assisting with shows and being featured for her work in international publications. The garment that landed her latest feature, as she explains, started out as a simple recycling task project set by her college. The brief outline was to use recycled materials to create a unique designer garment. Determined not to settle for mediocre, Amber chose to fuse her love of sneakers with her passion for design. Her garment is made of part baggage sealing – transparent plastic – while the orange hand-cut flowers are made of recycled Nike shoe boxes. Her genius truly comes to life in this garment, and landed her a well-deserved feature on popular online art publication, Sneaky Mag – which you can view here.


When it comes to her personal style, Amber describes her look in three words: minimal, neutral and textured. She explains how her obsession with textures plays a major role in how she gets dressed. Her choice of accessories also follow the same principal – a preference for simplicity and yet fine attention paid to detail. As Amber elaborates, she offers a quote she’d read somewhere a while ago, which she lives by, and unknowingly quotes a renowned style icon. The line went something along the lines of, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror, and take one thing off” – and it was none other than Coco Chanel who originally said it. Amber says this rule is crucial for some of us who aim for simplicity, but make the mistake of wearing too much when layering. She prefers her outfit to offer a coherent narrative, giving the eye a spot to rest.

The young designer also has a strong connection with street style fashion, and an envious sneaker collection to boot. When I ask how she describes her overall style, she keeps her answer simple, “modern sleek.. with a hint of street style.” When faced with the question of where she sees herself in the next five years, our subject spends a few moments introspecting her goals. The first thing on her check list is obtaining a degree in fashion. In the meantime, Amber has her sights set on SA Men’s Wear Fashion Week. She believes this would provide a great platform for her current interests of pursuing a menswear range.

“…When I started studying last year, I wanted to become a buyer, but so many doors have opened and my goals have changed. I’d also like to branch out in to directing other aspects of art as well.” – Amber Hennings, 2015


However, the 22 year old doesn’t believe in setting definite goals, because they’re often too set in stone. When she’d started out at Fashion College, her passion was to become a buyer, however, fast-forwarding nearly two years later, her interests have changed and her sights are set on different prospects. Likewise, in the fashion industry it takes constant innovation and growth to stand out as a brand and our subject knows this all too well. She says it can be extremely demotivating when your ideas are boxed in to a category that’s already been done.

“…it can be difficult to find your niche…you know, when everything has already been done” – Amber Hennings, 2015

What does motivate her however, is success. And while she doesn’t have to say it, her dedication and work ethic is a testament to that. Amber also credits her experience working in retail for four years, several of which spent as a manager and assistant buyer, as providing her with insights in to the retail sector. This adds to her growing business ethic, which she believes will come in handy when she develops her own ranges.

Amber modelling her recycled-garment design on the catwalk for CTCFD.
Amber modelling her recycled-garment design on the catwalk for CTCFD.

Listening to Amber speak about her career, I pick up that she’s come a long way since buying her first Vogue at age 11. Still holding on to that copy from over a decade ago, she says she hopes to never forget her roots, and remain humble in light of her successes. When asked who inspires her, Alexa Chung’s name pops up first, followed by international minimalist designer, Jill Sander, and more close to home, well-known editor, Jackie Burger. Amber doesn’t need to reveal too much to be incredibly captivating, but kindly shares with me a few current favorites:

Two fragrances she’s loving right now are Burberry Body, and Bvlgari’s Jasmin Noir – carried in her handbag at all times. Our subject also admits that she’d rather be overdressed than under, and swears by her favorite M.A.C lipstick shade, Hue – which she describes as a soft pink nude. Eternally obsessed with winter, Amber reveals how she’s become more of a summer gal of late, and says she’s really looking forward to the warmer months approaching. However, don’t be surprised to see her wearing head-to-toe black, which she still defines as her signature look.

Our subject has paved the way for herself and her promising future; moving from strength to strength, there’s very little that can stop this ambitious young woman. Having won us over with her effortless charm, warm nature and amazing sense of style, The Minimale Blogger cannot wait to see what’s next to come. Keep up to date with this young designer – and all her future fashion endeavors – by following her exploration of fashion on Instagram over here.



For years I have been an avid supporter of recycling some of my magazines for projects like book covers and journals. My friends at school would always comment on how original each cover was. Currently in my early twenties, I still prefer creating my own journals from scratch, and find it cheaper too. The process takes time but I really think the outcome makes it worth the effort. Recently I’ve been inspired by minimalist themes and earthy winter tones, and decided to combine this color palette with pictures of my favorite plants and greenery when planning the layout of my new journal. Once you’ve decided on the layout and overall aesthetic of your journal, it’s time to venture out and purchase the relevant stationery and materials you need for your DIY journal. The first thing to look for is the perfect sized book – opt for a hardcover with non-lined sheets. I usually opt for an A5 sized hardcover with 192 pages back-to-back; I find that this size is perfect for carrying around anywhere and the hardcover makes it durable enough to last. After purchasing your stationery materials, it’s time to head home and get started

Based on your own aesthetic, start by printing out some of your favorite images (mine includes greenery and line drawings), then gather up a few magazines for any additional images or text you might want to add to the cover. As I page through different magazines, I randomly cut out pictures, words and letters that stand out to me. During this process I’ll begin brainstorming ideas for the cover of my journal; for my DIY journal I decided to cut out different letters to spell out the name of my blog. Before planning the layout of where all my chosen images and text will be pasted down, I’ll cover the entire front and back face of the A5 book with a sheet of black color paper to serve as a plain background for the images and text.


Once this step has been completed, start planning where each word should go and then begin pasting it all down. I do the words first, then later add the greenery and line pictures in a random mosaic. Now that you’ve completed the journal cover, use plastic wrapping to seal the book to ensure the journal doesn’t get damaged when carrying it around. If you’re still interested in adding more detail to your journal, you can print out quotes and paste them at the foot of every page. Again, this is all up to your own preference, so be as creative as you want. You can also add black line borders to every page in your journal, but I recommend staying away from permanent markers or highlighters as this will ink over to the subsequent pages.

And that wraps up this DIY journal guide, I hope you’ve found this post helpful or inspiring in some way. If so, let me know and I’ll do more DIY’s like this in the future.

Happy creating,



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