This editorial is in collaboration with womenswear brand, Mango.

A recent reintroduction to Mango had me head over heels in a matter of minutes. Scrolling the online store, then later actually physically visiting a store, the brand’s impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship in womenswear was instantly evident.

The first look I debuted in collaboration with Mango features INTRODUCING MANGO | AW18


A s an introduction to a new series which I hope at least one person might find insightful, it’s crucial that I preface it with a sentence or two about consumption and it’s controversial role in fashion.  This series comes about from a need to feel constantly inspired and visually stimulated, however, it’s important to consume things that outlive one use, and where possible, for us to consume things without leaving any significant carbon footprint. The favorites listed below bears this in mind, and at every corner, acquired as collectible to be kept for years to come. AUTUMN FAVORITES


T exture, layering and proportions are my absolute favorite aspects when it comes to assembling my winter wardrobe. The basics, like neutral turtlenecks and knitted sweaters, structured button downs, an oversize chunky scarf, and at least 2 variations of black trousers, all make up the fundamental building blocks each year, with one or two newer pieces incorporated, whilst old lesser-worn pieces get donated.

In terms of function and practicality, this boils down to AW18 CAPSULE


On the eve of every Christmas, my mother – the matriarch – assembles our family for a feast. Together, in an intimate setting, we sit around the dining table, feasting, opening gifts and laughing at my pet-children trying to sneak-off with the leftover food on our plates, though everyone seems oblivious, all too distracted by their own full stomachs. The table, so artfully decked hours before, is now arummage of torn wrapping and dwindling candle sticks – but no one seems to mind. It’s as if the scene around us serves to articulate the common themes of Christmas; giving thanks, feasting with loved ones, and the gift of giving to those we care about. TINSEL


S tories from my childhood were to me endlessly fascinating, and throughout my schooling career, I had conjured up quite a few of my own. Before high-school, storytelling was often accompanied by poorly attempted drawings, which never seemed to matter to me, while writing became a true labor of love, considerably so the older I got. At the start of high-school, my first WISHBONE