Old Fashioned

Posted June 07, 2018 07:09:18 Aussie designer and artist Peter Lewis has created a new face cover that uses only his natural face.

The new mask is the result of a year-long project in which Lewis built his own facial prosthesis from a foam mould.

“The whole idea was to recreate the face in a way that was not too different to my natural face,” Lewis said.

“I did the mask in the comfort of my home in Melbourne, where I have a small workshop.”

As a result I was able to develop a new method for making prosthetic skin, with a more natural, natural look to it.

“It was a little bit of a challenge for me, because I had a fairly traditional face.”

But I thought it was something that would be fun to experiment with and explore a bit more.

“When I got the idea that I wanted to create something that I could use on a daily basis, I had to see if it was possible.”

Mr Lewis’s facial prosthetic was inspired by the mask that he had made for his son, who had an extremely dry, scratchy face.

Mr Lewis said the mask’s face was made of a “very delicate, thin material, which is a very common material for face prosthetics”.

“It’s a very delicate piece of plastic, but it’s made of very fine strands of polypropylene, which are incredibly resilient,” he said.

Mr Lawrence’s son, Daniel Lawrence, said the new mask was a great challenge.

“We just got it today, and I’m really excited,” he told News.co.au.

“Our kids are very into it, and we’re super excited to see what it looks like on them.”

“It looks really good, but we can’t wait to get them out on the playground and have a look at it!”

He said he was also looking forward to using the mask on his daughter, who is four.

“My daughter is quite excited about it, but she’s not quite sure if it’s really right for her yet, so we’ll see,” he added.

“Hopefully they’ll be able to get a better idea of it in the future.”

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