Old Fashioned

I was a little worried about her, she said, because she was so young and I was so old.

I knew that my husband was going to lose his mind.

She said she had been working as a nurse at a hospital in the city for almost two years.

We are now married and live in a house we bought together.

She worked in the nursing sector and we bought a new one for her.

We met in 2011 when I was studying to be a nurse in the health service.

It was the beginning of the second phase of our marriage, so I was looking for a partner that would understand me and be supportive.

I also knew that she would be very much my first love.

She started to show some symptoms of dementia a few years ago.

I asked her about her husband and she told me that he was very distant and that he never talked to me.

But I always thought he was beautiful and that I wanted to spend my life with him.

I was very worried about him, so that was the moment I got to know him.

He became the love of my life and a role model.

We started to talk about our life and I realised I was in love with him and I wanted more.

I had this sense of destiny in that moment.

She was very happy for me.

She told me she was looking forward to getting married again.

She had always loved me.

I realised that I loved her too, so we married again and have a son together.

He is a good boy, he has always loved to read and loves to read books.

We have three beautiful boys, and my oldest is a very good athlete.

The oldest one is a really big boy, and the oldest is in the second grade.

We do everything together.

I love her and she loves me.

Her mother told me the first time she saw me she said she would have a baby with me.

That was the first kiss of her life.

I wanted my mother to have a big baby.

She has a beautiful face, I am very beautiful and have beautiful skin, so she always has a big smile on her face.

I am in love and she is in love, and I am ready to share the most beautiful life I have ever had.

She will always be my second love.


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