Old Fashioned

You’re no longer a baby, so dress like one.

In fact, wear clothes that have a mature edge to them, because that’s the way you’ll be judged, according to some experts.

“In a world of social media, where people are talking about every outfit you’ve ever seen, it’s really important to be smart about your wardrobe and choose clothes that make you feel confident and attractive, rather than the stuff that you’ll wear in the morning,” said Dario Saramago, an expert in youth culture and lifestyle at London’s St John’s University.

He’s been studying fashion trends for about 15 years, and he’s come to the conclusion that “we need to be more conscious of the fact that young people are now dressing older and younger, not necessarily because they’re looking older but because they’ve got to be dressed in an age appropriate way.”

So dress up in more appropriate outfits for Halloween, as you will with older people.

“You’ll have a lot of older people coming out to get dressed, as if it’s not a Halloween tradition to be in costume,” Saramagos said.

“I think it’s going to get more and more problematic as the years go on.”

He’s also not so sure that the Halloween season is actually appropriate.

“If you have a baby in your life, you want to be able to get the best possible dress from the family and the clothes you’ve been wearing are going to be the ones you’re going to wear to the Halloween party,” he said.

You might also want to consider getting a gift bag of clothes, because “that’s the best way to take care of yourself,” Saramanagos added.

In any case, if you do decide to wear some clothing in a more appropriate fashion, it shouldn’t be for Halloween.

“Don’t go out and wear it because you’re an older person.

Don’t wear it just because you think you’re cool and can wear it,” he advised.

“Go to your local costume shop and buy something that’s appropriate.” 

But for those who want to get into some fashion, this may not be the time to do it.

While you’re waiting for Halloween to be over, you should also think about what’s important to you and how to dress in a way that makes you feel good, Saramanago said.

A little extra dressing can make all the difference.

“A lot of the time when you go out with friends and family, you have to wear clothes for social occasions.

If you go shopping for clothes for yourself, then it’s a lot more about being comfortable in your clothes,” he explained.

“But the thing is, if people are saying you need to get some extra dressing, then that means you’re not being yourself.”

If you’re feeling a little bit down about your outfit, you can take a step back and ask yourself “Is this appropriate?”

Saramanagues advice to you is to dress more maturely and with more care.

“The more you go with a bit more of a relaxed, confident feeling, then you’ll feel more comfortable,” he added.

“It can also be the way to get people to like you more.”

So take a break from the social media and go to your nearest costume shop.

If that’s too much to ask, there are plenty of social and casual clothes to choose from.


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