Old Fashioned

The 80s, or the era of social media, was an era where fashion and fashion design were considered so cool that you would never see anyone wearing them in public.

You would see them in stores or on the runway and in person, but nothing quite like this existed anywhere else in the world.

Here are 10 of the best Instagram photos from the era, with some of the most iconic images.1.

A model wears a dress with a vintage-inspired neckline and a floral neckline.2.

A woman with her hair in a bun is rocking a white polka dot dress with matching socks.3.

This is one of the more iconic 80s Instagrams of all time.

A blonde girl with her long hair tied back and her eyes closed, wearing a red dress, is rocking this dress with black stripes.4.

A man wearing a polka-dot dress is seen in front of a mirror.5.

A pair of white polo shirts is seen with a red heart-shaped necklace and matching sunglasses.6.

This was the year when you would see people wearing the latest trends, like the red, white, and blue polka dots and their geometric patterns on the back of their jackets.7.

This photo of a young girl in a polo shirt, with her black hair tied up and her sunglasses on, is the perfect look for a summer weekend.8.

This looks like a real-life version of a 1980s Disney princess.

A girl in red and white pola-dot dresses with her red hair in bun is wearing a pair of black polo tights.9.

A fashion-forward woman is wearing her classic polka Dot dress and a white sweater, while a young man in a red polo dress is wearing an orange sweater.10.

A young girl wearing a black-and-white polka shirt is rocking an orange polka dress with red stripes.


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