Old Fashioned

This year’s runway season has been dominated by runway fashion brand runway fashion, with some of the most eye-catching trends already starting to pop up in stores and online.RTE’s latest runway fashion ranking is in full swing as we head into a new year, and there are plenty of new and exciting runway brands popping up.

Here’s what we know about the best runway fashion labels and trends, according to RTE.

We have a new trend on the runway: The ‘flapper’ dress.

The flapper dress is an unisex outfit that is designed for short, strapless dresses, which are perfect for fall and winter.

The flapper is typically worn by a female in a low-cut top and blouse. 

The flappers are often seen at high-profile events like the Women’s March, or as part of the Spring/Summer collection. 

Flappers have been popping up at many fashion shows across the world in the last couple of years, and we’re excited to see how this trend evolves over the coming year.

The most impressive fashion brand to hit the runway this year? 



The company’s newest collection has already been a hit on Instagram, and has become the most popular clothing brand in the world on the social media platform. 

Lulu has also been making waves with a variety of fashion styles in the past few months. 

In addition to the flapper, the brand has a range of summery accessories like shorts and flip-flops. 

Other new and trendy fashion brands that have been making their mark are The Wreckless, the new brand from designer and founder of brand Yves Saint Laurent, and Zappos, a new fashion brand from Brooklyn-based designer and entrepreneur Lola Gaudet.

We also have a number of brands in the UK that have made a splash in the fashion industry in the first year of the new year. 

Brunswick has recently started its annual Spring/Fall collection, and is now one of the top-selling luxury brands in Britain. 

Gilead has been gaining attention with its new health brand, while Dior has had a strong showing at the UK’s top fashion show, the British Vogue Fashion Week, which opened on Monday.

The biggest runway fashion trends are still to come, but we’re already seeing a huge amount of new brands in runway fashion.

Check out the full list below, and be sure to check out our recent runway fashion roundup.


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