Old Fashioned

Fox News shoppers are in for a treat when they head to the discount fashion boutique located on Old Hickory Road in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The Old-Hickory Road boutique is known for its old fashioned and handcrafted items and the merchandise on display is all authentic and vintage.

This year, the brand is taking over the Old Hickories store with a special “Disco-Cup” collection, which includes a few new items.

This collection includes items that have been designed to be “disco-capped” by the customer.

“The Disco-Cups are a collection of items that we have created that will make the customers feel like they are getting something unique, while keeping them in their comfort zone and keeping them happy,” says a representative for the boutique.

There are also some items that are new, like the “Flex-A-Grip,” which allows customers to flex the grip on a pair of leather gloves.

The Flex-A toggles on a switch in the fabric of the glove allow the wearer to rotate the fingers of the hands to manipulate the gloves.

“This is a fun collection and a fun experience,” says the representative for The Disco-cups.

The boutique also has some vintage items like an 1891 leather purse and leather shoes.

The brand also has a few items from the 1950s and 60s that were made in the store.

“I love that they’re going vintage and we’re not doing it all at once,” says an employee.

“There’s so many items in the collection.

The vintage items are going to be really fun for us,” she says.

The Vintage Collection is available online and at the Old-hickory-road boutique, which is located at 639 W. Broadway, Springfield, MA 02105.

The Disco Cups collection is also available at the Vintage Collection, which can be found at the Discount Fashion Warehouse, located at 1231 Main St., Springfield, MO 64112.

For more information on discount fashion stores and the best places to shop for fashion, visit chicagotribune.com/fashion.


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