Old Fashioned

Vintage style boots that are a great fit for Audrey Hepburn have been a fashion staple for decades.

The actress, known for her iconic style, has had a long history with footwear and she’s remained faithful to her style.

In her memoir, She Said What She Said, Hepburn describes a pair of women’s shoes as “a little like a wedding dress with a little bit more lace.” 

When she was growing up in New York City, Hepcraft was inspired by fashion designer Ralph Lauren and his signature boots.

“I knew that the world of the 1920s was going to be a big time for boots,” Hepburn says in the book.

“If you want to go back to the time of the early 1900s, the 1920 to 1930s, you were in a very different world.

You had to be dressed a certain way.””

I’m always looking for something that feels a little different and I’m always thinking of new ideas that can be used,” Hepcraft says.

“It’s like a great love affair.

When I’m shopping, I look at a lot of different styles, and I love them all.

They’re beautiful shoes.

I have two pairs that I wear all the time.”

Hepburn’s love for shoes has taken her to a number of different cities.

She’s appeared in a number on the runway in the past, and she even went as far as wearing a pair to a wedding in Paris.

She even got her first pair of boots in the form of a vintage dress, as a part of the production of her Broadway play, The Wedding Dress.

“When I was doing that play, I was in my first season in New Jersey, so it was pretty cold,” she says.

“I was on stage in my wedding dress and I got cold, and it felt great to wear the dress.

And I wore it to a lot.

It’s a perfect shoe.””

My favorite shoes are vintage because they’re the ones that you have to wear in your shoes.

If you don’t have to go out and buy shoes, you’re just going to wear a pair,” Hepworth says. 

The best way to find Audrey Hepworth’s vintage booties is to visit the company’s website.

It has a wide selection of boots that look good on anyone.

“You don’t want to feel like you’re walking into a boutique,” Hepback says.


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