Old Fashioned

A lot of people think it’s because princesses are cute, and that the brand’s products are pretty and colourful.

But this is a misconception, says Caroline Williams, senior fashion analyst at the independent clothing consultancy brand L’Oreal.

There’s a lot of truth in the notion that princess dresses are a pretty but boring way of getting dressed, she says.

“I think there’s a big gap between what we see in our own shopping and what the brand wants to be seen in the public eye.”

So why do we buy these dresses?

Princess dresses are traditionally seen as a cool way of dressing, says Williams.

“It’s a look that has become a symbol of modern femininity and confidence, and a symbol for all the young women that they can get away with wearing anything.”

There’s also a lot going on with the dresses, which often have a very different silhouette from the rest of the brand, says Ashley Sowards, brand manager at fashion consultancy GQ.

“You’ve got this high cut, high collar and long, strapless, low cut, low-cut, and then you’ve got the full length of the dress with the long and the low.”

Princess dresses have become a fashion icon in recent years, says Sowars.

“We’re now seeing a whole range of new silhouettes, and I think the princess dress is an icon in its own right.

It’s a really versatile, beautiful piece of clothing.”

It’s also about style, says Rebecca Clements, senior editor at fashion magazine Vogue.

“There’s this feeling of elegance, this feeling that the princess is so feminine and so confident and confident and strong, and so the idea of the high cut and the short skirt and the long coat are all part of this very aspirational and aspirational look.”

The trend of princesses, especially with the rise of fashion trends such as ‘bodice-ripper’, is in fact a reflection of the rise in social media, says Clements.

“When I started working with [Vogue] I had to think about how I could take their message to the next level, because it’s really aspirational in a way, because they’re telling their brand story through their clothes,” she says, referring to the magazine’s trend-driven style.

“They’re also telling their stories through their women, which are really aspiratory, and they’re also trying to capture the spirit of the ’90s.”

Williams agrees, saying the rise and rise of the princess has also been a good influence for women to take on a more modern look.

“Because when you think about princess dresses, it’s not so much about what the dress looks like as it is about the story behind it.

And I think that’s a very powerful and aspiratory message for women in this day and age,” she explains.

What’s in a princess dress?

A princess dress typically has a long, straight cut, often a short skirt or a short, high-necked jacket, and usually a skirt that’s made of a soft material that can be tailored for the body.

There are also some exceptions to this, such as the long-sleeved dress for a fashion designer, which can be longer or shorter, depending on the occasion.

Princess dresses typically come in two styles: princess dresses with high necklines, which look more feminine, and princess dresses that have low necklines.

Princess gowns are often made with sheer fabric, which means there’s no fabric around the neck to show through.

There may also be a skirt, which is made of fabric that hangs down over the neckline, to give a more traditional look.

The length of princess dresses varies, with the shorter dresses coming in a variety of sizes.

Most princess dresses can be bought in a range of lengths, from a few inches to a full length.

Princess dress brands also have a range, from designer dresses to casual or everyday dresses.

Williams says that while a lot people look for high cut dresses, that’s not necessarily a good idea.

“A lot of high cut dress brands have this idea of having something that’s very feminine and is designed to be super flattering,” she points out.

“If you’re going for something more casual, you might want something with more fabric around your neck.

You might want a shorter skirt.”

Princess dress trends are also a reflection, and influence, of modern feminism, says L’Oréal’s Williams.

While it’s possible to find a high cut princess dress on sale at the moment, she also warns that a lot more is going on behind the scenes than you might think.

“That’s why it’s important to look at the different princess dress styles,” she adds.

“Look at the silhouettes of the different styles, how they’re made, and how they are styled.

There is so much going on in terms of the way these brands are trying to be aspir


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