Old Fashioned

The fashion icon who inspired generations of young girls to dream big is back on the runway in London, the UK’s biggest fashion city, as part of a series of fashion exhibitions.

The new show, Fashion Icon London, takes place from December 15-19.

The first of three events is being organised by fashion designer Stella McCartney, the fashion industry’s ambassador for women, youth and fashion.

McCartney, who was born in Glasgow, has been featured in more than 100 British media outlets and is the first person to hold the title of Fashion Icon.

In March, McCartney was featured in an article in The Guardian newspaper as a “celebrity who inspired girls to take up fashion and make a difference”.

McCartney has also been a regular guest at the London Fashion Week event, which brings together fashion designers, designers, fashion houses and retailers.

The London Fashion Weeks is an annual event that brings together the fashion world’s top designers and retailers, showcasing the best of their works.

McCartney is part of an exclusive group of UK stars including model-turned-actor Sophie Ellis, model and singer Rihanna, fashion designer Sarah Madden and fashion house Stella McCartney.

McCartney’s work has been praised for its attention to detail and her work in the past has attracted some of the UK fashion industry.

McCartney has previously been honoured with the British Fashion Awards for the best runway show in the world and the most outstanding runway show ever.

McCartney first appeared on the British fashion runway in 1987.

In 2010, McCartney made history when she was crowned the first female Fashion Icon, becoming the first woman to be recognised for her work.

“It’s an honour to be here and to celebrate Stella McCartney’s legacy in the fashion sector,” said Stella McCartney in a statement.

“Her work has inspired millions of young women to dream bigger and to take on the challenges of today, and to make the world a better place.”

McCartney said that her work is inspired by the “lucky people” who have gone before her.

“There’s a little girl who dreams of going on the fashion show, and there’s a man who dreams about going on a fashion show and being a part of something that will change the world,” McCartney said.

“I’ve always wanted to be the person who will inspire them, and the person that can inspire them to dream of it and make it happen.”


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