Old Fashioned

Retailers across the country are reporting record low sales.

Here’s how the trend is playing out.


Clothing retailer The Haggis reported a 25.2 per cent drop in sales, while clothing retailer Kmart was down 20.2.

The Hags was down 14.9 per cent, while the clothing chain H&M was down 15.1 per cent.

The other retailers were down 10.7 per cent and 10.2%.


Shoes retailer J. Crew reported a 7.4 per cent fall in sales.

Its stock fell 6.8 per cent in the first quarter, which was down from 7.9 a year ago.


Office supplies retailer Office Depot reported a 13.6 per cent decline in sales for the quarter.


Home furnishings retailer Home Depot said it expects to report a 6.9 cent drop for the year.


Books and magazines retailer Scribner reported a 14.3 per cent loss.


Toys and collectibles retailer Toys R Us reported a 6 per cent increase in sales in the quarter, up from 5.8 a year earlier.


Furniture retailer Lowe’s reported a 20.9 pct drop in profits for the third quarter.


Jewelry retailer Tiffany & Johns said its sales fell 14.4 percent in the year, and the company said its revenue was down 3.7 pct.

in the same period.


Furnishings retailer Michaels reported a 2.8 pct decrease in sales this quarter.


Home goods retailer Home Goods said it will cut its 2016 sales by 1.3 million to 7.3 billion US dollars.


Home health and personal care products retailer Home Improvement reported a 22.3 pct decline in its sales, but the company has been buoyed by strong sales of its new smart home products.


Toys retailer Mattel reported a 27.2 pct fall in its stock, and its shares fell 2.7 cents.


Books retailer HarperCollins reported a 1.9 percent decline in total book sales.


Beauty and personal hygiene products retailer Sephora reported a 16.4 pct plunge in sales last quarter.


Pets and animals retailer PetSmart reported a 23.5 pct slide in sales and the stock fell 5.2 cents.


Personal care products and personal services retailer The Home Depot also reported a 9.4 % decline in the third-quarter.


Home improvement retailer Lowes reported a 10.4 pc drop in quarterly sales, as the company cut its sales by 2.9 million to 8.9 billion US. 18.

Auto parts retailer Toyota reported a 17.4pc drop in the fourth quarter, as sales fell 2 per cent from the previous year.


Automotive parts retailer Nissan reported a 19.2pc drop last quarter, down from 21.6pc a year before.


Furnishing retailer Lowe and Home Depot reported declines of 8.3pc and 7.6 pc respectively.


Toys, accessories and apparel retailer ToysRUs reported a 3.4per cent decline.


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