Old Fashioned

DIANA WILLIAMS, Paris fashion designer and designer of Paris Fashion Weeks, died Wednesday at her home in Newport Beach, California.

She was 57.

She had been hospitalized for a while, and was in stable condition at a hospital, said her publicist, Kristina Smith.

Williams was the designer of the “Wedding Dress,” the “Tall Rose Dress” and the “Diamond” in Paris Fashion weeks of 2016.

“We are so proud of Diana and her many years of experience in creating the world’s most popular fashion brand,” said her longtime friend, Victoria DeJesus, who worked with Williams on several of her collections.

“She was a pioneer in the art of fashion design and the beauty of design.”

She had started in Paris in 1981, working in fashion and fashion-designing, and rose to become the director of fashion and accessories at her label.

She also created jewelry for brands including Chanel, Prada and Louis Vuitton.

She died in Newport.

“Diana was truly a pioneer of the beautiful world of fashion, from the very first of her work, to the very last of her creations,” said DeJesus.

“In her own words, she said, ‘Beauty is beauty and fashion is fashion.'”

Williams was known for her signature designs for Chanel couture and jewelry.

The collection that included “The Flower Bride” and “The Little Lady,” which she wore in Paris during the 1990s, sold for more than $1 million at auction.

Williams’ collection of women’s and women’s accessories also includes “The Pink Rose” and other pieces for Chanels, which were sold for $300,000 at auction in 2004.

She has worked on such iconic brands as Louis Vuits, Chanel and Prada.

She is survived by her husband, John Pritchard, and two daughters, Jennifer and Jennifer Pritcher.


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