Old Fashioned

The Fashion Island, the world’s largest fashion festival, is finally getting some new life.

The fashion community is excited about the news, saying that the event has a lot of energy and is already having an impact on the fashion industry in the U.S. and around the world.

“The first week of the festival had more than 50,000 people, but now it’s down to a little over 30,000,” fashion blogger Amanda Liddon wrote.

“There’s been a big push by the fashion community to get this event going, and I think we’re going to see some big changes come in the coming months.”

In the past year, the event attracted more than 6,000 attendees, and this year, it plans to increase its attendance to 15,000.

But that’s only half the story.

“We’re thrilled with the growth of the Fashion Island,” said fashion consultant Michael DeBruyn, a longtime fan of the event who was a member of the inaugural event.

“It’s really exciting that it’s happening at all.

There are a lot more people coming into the space and it’s been very successful for them.”

The festival, which started in 2007, has grown from its original size of 2,000 to an estimated 100,000 participants each year.

That’s because of a number of factors: the fashion world’s desire to expand beyond its usual clientele, which has grown steadily since the festival’s inception; the rise of online fashion; and the popularity of the fashion, makeup and accessories industry.

This year, Fashion Island is expected to have at least $20 million in revenue.

But the festival has also seen some controversy.

“When we started, we had to be careful because we had no idea what the future would hold,” DeBruckyn said.

“This year, I can see that it could be really, really good.”


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