Old Fashioned

Fashion Island Restaurants in Delhi are making a big comeback in the last few years, and it’s all thanks to the love of the eye.

In a fashion fashion show at the Fashion Island in the city, a model was given a brand new eye and was asked to use it to create an outfit that would be perfect for the runway.

A look at the new makeup for fashion island restaurant.

As many as 2,000 people attended the show on Saturday.

It was also the first time the show was held in Delhi, the capital.

The fashion island was established in 2003 by designer, Gaurav Gopalan, and he has since opened a number of restaurants across India.

A popular destination for the country’s fashionistas, Fashion Island has become a haven for stylish and talented people to come and meet their favorite brands, who are all working hard to improve the quality of their designs.

We have been trying to make it better, said Gopan, who is also the founder of Fashion Island.

The first two months of the year, we’re planning to do another fashion show.

But I’m not sure about the number.

Every day I work with the staff, but the biggest part is always the customers.

If the customers can be seen in the show, we can do more. 

The show was also attended by the founder and managing director of fashion island, Rajesh Kumar.

He said that a lot of the products that they’re producing in Delhi have been developed at Fashion Island, which is located in a trendy area of the city.

It’s important for us to keep creating, he said.

We need to keep innovating and creating products that the customers want. 

We’re constantly updating our products.

We’re always working on different styles, new ways of making products, and we’re trying to be more stylish.

We’ve made some new products, he added.


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