Old Fashioned

A fashion icon, a fashion icon without a clue what it is, a designer whose work is always on point but whose work you just don’t understand the term?

Those are some of the answers to those questions given to fashion journalist Olivia Burdine by a man she calls ‘dope’ who lives in the same town as her in the north of England.

Olivia, who asks that her last name not be used, met the man at the Northridge Fashion Centre.

She describes the man as ‘a hipster, not a designer, but definitely not a white guy’.

Olivia had a chance to chat to the man for a short while before she decided to leave the interview room.

She said: ‘I didn’t think I’d be seeing him for another 10 minutes but I was a bit worried and then he said: “Look, Olivia, I just wanted to say, you look good”.’

I asked him if he knew what he was talking about and he said he had been to the Northridges.

I said: I didn’t know.

‘I thought he was a designer or something.

He said: It’s not my style.

It’s a style that’s been around for a long time and it’s not yours, it’s my style.’

The man continued: ‘And he goes on and on, and I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me, you’ve got a guy like that on here”.’

He said: And then he starts talking about his wife and he talks about all the different styles he knows and he says: ‘Oh yeah, he’s not like me, he looks like me’.’

I was really upset, but I knew if I just said “I can’t believe this man is talking about me”, then I’d get mad at him.

I just couldn’t believe it.’

I said to him: “What do you mean, you don’t look like me?”

He said “No, no, no”.’

So I just kind of laughed and I said “Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I’ll go back to my normal life”.’

Then I went to bed and when I woke up I was like, “Oh, my God”.’

The next morning I was thinking: “I thought I’d had my morning coffee, I should have been up late”.’

And I went and went back to sleep.

I didn of course know the man was the same man who’d said to me earlier that night, “No you look pretty good”.

‘Then I came home and I found out that the man who had just called me was actually my boyfriend.

I was really mad.’

After a week of going through the man’s phone, Olivia was convinced that he was not the man she’d met earlier.

She contacted police and he was arrested.

He was booked into a jail in Blackpool, where he remains, but he is expected to appear at a later date.

It has been reported that the woman who called Olivia is a former fashion model who is now unemployed.

The man was charged with assault and criminal damage, and will appear in court on March 20.

What do you make of Olivia Burt’s claim that the North Ridge Fashion Centre was ‘a style that was around for the longest time’?

Tell us what you think.


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