Old Fashioned

The fashion designer for a local thrift shop in Virginia says she’s surprised the thrifty mom she’s paying $100 to $150 to buy clothes at the shop doesn’t find them cheaper than the cheaper items she usually sees on the racks.

The mother of three says she has been saving for the dresses for years and says she had no idea it was so easy to buy online for less than $20.

But it’s not just a matter of the dresses being cheaper.

They are also less expensive to repair, said Stephanie Stoner, who runs a small fashion boutique in New Hampshire.

And she has noticed a trend among thrift stores in recent years, she said.

The thrift shops are finding more customers, and they are getting more comfortable with online shopping.

“I think it’s an increasing trend for thrift sales, and it’s a growing trend that is good for consumers,” she said on the latest edition of “The View.”

Stoner, a veteran of many years in the fashion business, said she doesn’t see many thrift owners taking the time to get in touch with shoppers before they make a purchase online.

“When we go to the store, the store doesn’t care if we’ve been there five years, or 20 years,” she explained.

“It’s just the same clothes.

It’s just not going to be a huge difference.

It may be a little different colors.

It might be a different size.”

Stoney said she often hears complaints from customers who are concerned about the safety of online shopping, but she’s not sure how much the thrifting trend is having an effect on the consumer.

“We’re going to get more customers that don’t have a computer, and so they can buy stuff they wouldn’t normally buy,” she told the host.

“But we are going to continue to see a lot of those customers who just want to go online and shop, and to get their clothes on sale.”

Stony said she thinks the rise of online retail is partly driven by the consumer’s desire for quality, but also by the trend towards getting everything at once.

She said it’s becoming more and more difficult for thrifts to keep track of all the merchandise they sell.

“You have to pay attention to the quality,” she noted.

“And if you can’t see that, then you can always have a little bit of a hard time.”

Stonner said she plans to keep shopping at her local thrifting store until she’s ready to buy the next dress from her mother, who is a fashion designer.

“She is a very hard working person.

I mean, she does a lot,” she added.


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