Old Fashioned

Victorian fashion is often thought of as a masculine pursuit, but as the world has changed, men’s shoes have become increasingly feminine and masculine-focused.

Here’s a look at the top men’s shoe trends of 2018.


The ‘Hoodie’ The hoodie has always been a man’s shoe.

The hoodies and pants are a men’s staple, but it’s the casual fit that’s become more popular over the past few years.

The classic ‘hoodie’ is an everyday shoe, but with a more casual fit.

A pair of sneakers like the Nike Air Max and the Adidas Hyperfly could also be worn with jeans, and the popular Nike Free Boost is a great option for a classic style.

But the hoodie can also be an excellent option for casual wear.

It can be worn in casual outfits and as a summer dress for a laid-back feel.

If you like to sport a more modern look, look to the Nike Freestyle Boost.


The Flannel Shoe This style is a classic, and it’s been around since the 1930s.

Its classic silhouette is a bit casual for an all-day dress, and you can wear it to the gym or on the go.

However, a flannel shirt can be stylish if you want to wear it as a formal shirt or jacket.

You can also wear the Flannel Shirt to work or in a casual office setting.

A casual shirt is also a great choice for the warmer months, when the weather gets colder.


The Crocodile Bootie This is a timeless shoe, and its casual fit makes it a great addition to a casual look.

The bootie is one of the more masculine styles, and has a simple but versatile look.

It’s a great style for the gym, but a casual fit can also work well on the dance floor.

A versatile bootie can look like a casual suit, or as a casual dress.


The Lace-Up Bootie The laces-up bootie has been around for a long time, and is a staple in casual wear for men.

It has a casual-to-cotton, all-over, low-cut look, and can also make a great casual dress or casual sportcoat.

The boots are also great for lounging around the house, as they’re more comfortable than a suit or jacket and can be rolled up and worn on the move.


The Long-Sleeve Sneakers The Long sleeve sneaker is a more contemporary style that’s more comfortable and sporty than the casual shoe.

It also offers a better fit for men with wider feet.

A traditional sneaker can be an attractive option for more casual wear, but for more formal occasions, a laces up style can be a great fit.


The Casual Jacket The casual jacket is a versatile casual dress for women and men.

The casual-cushioned style makes it more casual than a traditional dress, but the hoodies are a great way to wear casual clothes.

You could also wear a casual jacket with jeans or a t-shirt.

It could also work as a dress shirt, or be paired with jeans and a sweater.


The V-Neck Jacket The V -neck jacket is an all around look that works well for casual casual wear or a casual casual dress, especially when paired with a dress or a sweater for a more relaxed look.

You may want to add a cardigan to this look for a bit of formal evening wear.


The Bootie Dress A casual, all over, low cut, all cotton, low heel dress can work well for more informal occasions, or for a casual evening dress.

It looks great with jeans to add more sophistication to the look, or you could wear it with a tuxedo and a casual shirt.


The Polo Bootie Another all over low cut bootie looks great for casual, casual, or formal occasions.

The low cut style looks great paired with casual shirts, jeans, or a suit.


The Tee Bootie For formal occasions or casual, the tee is a good choice for a formal look.

Pair it with jeans for a modern look or a blazer and dress.


The Cardigan T-shirt The cardigan tee is one option for formal wear, or casual casual attire.

Pair the cardigan with jeans.


The Blazer or Dress Jacket The carded jacket or dress can also help you look a little more formal for formal occasions with a suit jacket or suit.

Pair with jeans when you want a more formal look and dress when you need a casual style.


The Tuxedo The T-shirts can also look good paired with the carded dress or the carding jacket.

It’ll be a stylish addition to your wardrobe for formal events or casual wear if you prefer a more structured look.


The Shirt Trousers The shirt trousers can


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