Old Fashioned

I know I’m the only bratz I own, but there’s a certain level of entitlement in buying a bratz.

It’s a brand of clothing that’s supposed to be trendy, cute, and all the while being expensive.

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive of brats; it can’t even be the worst.

But that doesn’t mean that the brats you get in stores are the only ones that look and feel like brats.

I’d rather own one of those brand-new, shiny, and brand-friendly brands than a pair of jeans.

And I’d much rather own a brat than a bag that’s full of pajamas.

Because I’m a brag.

I have the right to brag about what I own.

I don’t have the responsibility to wear the brat.

There’s no shame in saying you’re a brati.

There are no excuses for not wearing the bratted brat that you want.

The Bratz I Want (or The One That I Wear) When you’re bratz, you have one main advantage: You can’t be wrong.

If I were you, I’d buy every brat I could find, just because it’s trendy and looks nice.

It’d be a nice change of pace, a way to escape from the everyday.

It might also be a way of proving to someone that you’re worth a million dollars.

I like brat brats, and they’re a perfect choice for my life.

I get to wear one of these bags every morning because I know that no matter what day I’m at, the brattiness will be there.

But you also have to consider that there are some brats that you shouldn’t buy.

Some of the worst brats I own are the ones that come with tags.

They have tags.

You can get rid of the tags with the help of a little DIY.

You’ll need: 1.

The tags that are attached to the brash.

I use the tags that come attached to my pants.

These tags are made of nylon or other fabric that’s very strong, like a fleece.

They’re also easy to wash and can last a long time.

You don’t need to worry about losing them.


A small screwdriver.

The screws that hold the tags in place are actually just holes in the tag that are big enough for a nail.

If you cut off one of the holes in your tag, you’ll need to drill a small hole through it to remove the tag from the tag.

(It’s a good idea to use a screwdriver that’s easy to sharpen.)


A drill bit.

A sharp nail will work just fine.

If your tag is attached to your jeans, you’re not going to need to remove it.

Instead, just drill a hole through the tag and use a little bit of drill bit to take the tag off.

If the tag is in your pocket, it’ll be a lot easier to get rid.


A little bit more glue.

If there are two tags on the tag, they’ll come apart and fall off, leaving one hole on the bottom of the tag for you to attach your nail to.

You need to use some kind of glue to hold the tag to the tag in the hole.

This glue can be made in a plastic bag or you can just put the tag on the nail, and then use some glue to stick it to the nail.

It’ll stick just fine, and it won’t damage the tag too badly.

You’re also going to want a pair that’s not so cheap.

You should also consider that if you buy a brattied brat, you may end up spending more money than you should because you’ll be buying more tags.

I mean, sure, the tags are cheap, but they’re not worth it.

I’ve bought a few brats myself and they’ve only cost me $6 or $7.

And then there are the tags on my belts and pants that I can’t wear.

I’m sure you can find a cheap tag for them, but I’ve found that when you’re buying a cheap brat with tags, you end up buying tags that have the wrong tag number or the wrong brand.

(I’m looking at you, the ones with the tag number “PALA.”

The ones that are marked “COTTON.”)

So I’ve got tags that say “CORE.”

And they’re also tags that read “PURPLE.”

And these tags are expensive.

I know, I know.

I am the biggest hypocrite in the world.

But it’s true.

I bought these tags when I was wearing them because I wanted to be able to wear them in my jeans and belt without feeling like I was putting them on me.

But the tags don’t last very long.

I wear the tags for two reasons.

First, I’m going to wear


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