Old Fashioned

This week’s issue of TIME covers the story of Nancy O’Dell, a fashion icon who changed the face of American fashion.

O’Donoghue is the daughter of Irish immigrants and is best known for her iconic black dress and flowing, long-sleeved black coat.

Born in 1930, O’DONOGUES father, George O’Doherty, was the owner of a clothing company in Louisville, Kentucky.

He had a passion for fashion and would dress women in the styles of the era.

In 1934, George married his long-time wife, Betty O’Donnell.

She was a very active member of the Ladies Auxiliary to the First Ladies, the women’s organization of the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.

She would accompany Eleanor and her husband to their first weddings.

After George died, he had his wife Carrie O’Malley give the first of many wedding dresses to the newlyweds.

They were soon engaged and married in 1940.

The O’Geddes lived in New York and married later in 1946.

The couple, however, were not exactly the same, having one daughter, Nancy, who was born in 1947.

In 1950, Nancy and George were divorced and they remarried.

In 1959, the O’Gsens were still living in New England and Nancy moved to the city with her two children, Caroline and Harry.

In 1961, Nancy married George’s younger brother, Richard, who had come to New York City to work for the U.S. Treasury.

In 1962, Nancy was awarded a scholarship to Columbia University in New Jersey to study psychology and was living in a two-bedroom apartment in the city’s fashionable Tribeca neighborhood.

In 1965, she moved to Greenwich Village, Connecticut, where she began to build a fashion brand.

Nancy’s first major fashion show, the 1960s Spring Collection, debuted at the New York Fashion Week in January 1966.

The show, which included pieces from her signature collection, featured couture pieces and jewelry, including the iconic yellow silk gowns, was designed by Louis Vuitton.

In September 1966, Nancy went on a five-day tour of the U,S.

and abroad.

Her New York residency also included a number of appearances at the fashion shows.

Nancy attended many fashion shows throughout her career.

In 1972, she became the first American woman to be inducted into the American Fashion Association’s Hall of Fame.

In 1985, the American Apparel &graphic Arts Association named Nancy the “American Icon of the Year.”

In 1990, she was the first fashion model to be featured on the cover of Time magazine.

In the following years, Nancy’s fashion brand expanded to include other items such as designer bags and a line of perfume.

In 1993, Nancy attended the premiere of “The Man Who Loved Fashion,” a film starring the late Michael Jackson, about the life of fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

She also appeared in a number other movies, including “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” “The Princess Bride,” “Million Dollar Baby,” and “The Great Gatsby.”

After her retirement from fashion, Nancy made an appearance in “The Greatest Showman” and was the subject of an episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Nancy died in 1998.

Nancy and her daughters lived in Brooklyn, New York, and the couple had two children: Nancy (who died in 2011) and George.

Nancy Odonoghue in New Yorkers home in 1966.

Source: LIFE Magazine/Associated Press.

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