Old Fashioned

Fashion designer Mariana Garcia is among a handful of fashion influencers in the United States and around the world who are urging women to embrace the “global brand” of women’s fashion. 

Garcia, who launched her online store, Fashions, last year, said she wants to inspire women to make decisions about where they want to spend their time and money. 

“The most important thing is to be able to buy the clothes that are best for you,” Garcia told ABC News. 

In an interview, Garcia explained how her online fashion store is different from traditional retailers, where she’s seen the traditional fashion industry become saturated with high-priced, high-quality items. 

She said it’s about “how to buy with confidence and with care” and how to choose brands that are “authentic.”

“I’m also trying to do a little bit of fashion entrepreneurship, so I’m starting up my own fashion business.

I don’t think it’s going to be an instant success, but I’m really trying to help inspire the women that are buying the clothes,” she said.

Garcias said the trend in the U.S. is for women to shop at stores with an “authenticity” she calls “creative sourcing.”

“The beauty of the global brand is that it’s so diverse,” Garcia said.

“It’s a very diverse group of brands.

There’s a lot of brands that have a very specific feel.

You can have something that’s totally contemporary and totally feminine.

But it can also have things that are totally, completely traditional.”

Garcas said she sees this trend as a positive one, especially for women of color who often experience discrimination when buying from traditional stores.

“It’s really exciting that there are brands out there that are not so white-washed,” Garcia explained. 

It’s also important for women in other industries to be aware of how much money they’re spending, said Garcia, who is a founding partner at the marketing agency PRD and has been on a mission to “change the way we look at money.”

Gartner has predicted that women’s spending will increase 15% from 2014 to 2024, with women in all income groups seeing the biggest growth. 

According to the agency, women spent $5.4 trillion on goods and services in 2016, with the top 10 spending categories accounting for an average of $3,200 in total spending per woman.

The data is from Gartner, and the agency predicts that by 2025, women will spend an average $8,300 more on consumer goods than men. 

And the trend is not limited to the U: Women’s spending is projected to double in real-world dollars in 2024 from $2,300 to $9,400, and they’re expected to spend $11,400 more on apparel and shoes than men in 2025.

Gartners projections also predict that by 2030, women are expected to make more than men on consumer spending. 

Women’s spending on the home is expected to triple by 2028, with an average household spending $6,000 a year on home goods. 

Meanwhile, men’s spending has also increased since 2009.


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