T o travel just outside of your city and still be enamored by the beauty of a sunrise, or the sound of the ocean drifting like background music at a tranquil spa, gently ushering you to sleep – is something everyone should experience if by the means to do so. Speaking presently, this past weekend away in Paternoster feels distant, like a memory I’d imagined myself having, despite it being such a recent experience. Amidst the daytime overcast grey skies, and otherworldly sunsets – lasting no more than a mere glimpse from our veranda – I still need a moment to recollect that it was real, and that I’d actually physically seen it all.

As the ambassador for Minimal Exposure’s latest Collection, aptly called Musafir (which translated from Arabic to English means traveler), I was sent away on this weekend to exhibit, in a personal capacity, a few pieces from the range. The experience was meant to help captivate the true essence of the Minimal Exposure woman, to show just how well the range adapts even when she’s away from her work and the city’s ever demanding schedule.

It was bliss.

And, in many ways, I even came to question myself on the various roles I’d taken on in my day-to-day life, specifically in the last year. From my part-time job as a photographer, to being a full-time content creator and writer, having an adept wardrobe that encapsulates my simplistic approach to style has been a journey, much like the one a traveler would take from one space to the next. In my time as a 20-something working woman, the answer has been to find a capsule wardrobe made up of durable pieces which offer versatility. Musafir, made up of luxurious fabrics, each of which are considered and intentional to the design of a particular piece, offers an array of looks to play with, whether on its own, or along side my existing wardrobe. The value of such a collection was ever-present during our stay, having gone from comfortable chic in a taupe tunic and culottes, reading my Vogue and sipping on a glass of dry white, to an evening out with a simple biker jacket thrown over the shoulders, messy hair and fresh bangs worn down, a-la Brigitte Bardot. Whether the occasion called for something pretty, to something functional, the Alexandria dress I’d slipped in to made waves while we frolicked along the ocean, adventuring across vast sand roads, in search of a sunset espresso in the sleepy seaside town.


W hile the collection seems to encompass every kind of women, this fete is second only to the incredible story behind Minimal Exposure’s approach to design, the operative word by association being “slow fashion”. To read more about the concept behind the Musafir collection, as well as shop the designs online, visit HERE.

For those a little curious as to what we did while away, below are a few mementos from the trip my partner and I shared, with a few thoughts and scribbles in my attempt to relive it all.

Arriving at the most beautiful studio-style villa, aptly named


which is Zulu for “Calm”.

“Travelling: At first, it leaves you speechless, then it turns you in to a storyteller.” – Unknown

O n our way back home, I threw on my Minimal Exposure Safar trousers and Petra Shirt, adding my HM soft pleather jacket for a comfortable, yet put together, ensemble for the 3 hour drive back home – not forgetting the mandatory pit-stop somewhere along the dusty west coast highway.



Roadside farm stall and cafe
Elgin, West Coast