In all earnest, perhaps a sort of disclaimer is necessary here both to alleviate the minimalist babes who’ve come to appreciate content void of excess here on the blog, and to set the tone for the rest of this post. So, as far as the title goes, believe me, the irony is not lost on yours truly. However, with an increasing appetite for statement gold, and the readily available options accessible to most, last week I decided to purchase a few of the lesser worn kind – statement earrings that is – to help sift through which pairs can really stand the test as most versatile and easy to wear. Ranging from the spiral-noodle-shaped, to an update on the classic stud, I’ve listed my three favorites in a guide below, with my tips on which pair to wear, and when – because not all earrings can stand the test of wind-induced tangled hair.

 In case you’re in the market for a pair or two, I picked all these up at Lovisa Jewelry, and I do hope you’ll be able to find a few pairs there you love.

1. Don’t forget to play with your food – and wear it too?
“Spiral noodles”; an apt description for my first impression as I gave this pair a once-over and quickly put them back. Then, right before I reached the teller to pay, I decided they were reasonable enough to wear more than once, and went back for them. I love how effortless these are, and the balance these spirals brings to an up-do hairstyle on bad-hair-days. One thing I will say, avoid wearing these with your hair down as they tend to get tangled amidst longer strands.

2. What are those?
Well, besides being my favorite par of the bunch, these unusual earrings are both sleek and statement and the design is definitely more modern than the rest of the styles featured here. Reminiscent of a poorly drawn fish, the minimal design is fuss-free (no missing butterfly dilemmas or hard-to-clean nooks).
To summarize what may already be obvious, this pair is my top pick for “dress-up-days”.

3. The Updated Stud
Not without warrant, cutting out the missing butterfly dilemma seems to be the direction in which many earring designs are headed, and I’m all the more happy for it. Though not much to be said here, these are my favorite style of earrings to wear on a daily basis as the final luxe touch to any look-du-jour. They’re the perfect size where you might go from meetings, to dinner and, everywhere in-between.

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