This past weekend I was asked to host a weekend takeover with the BAMBOO REVOLUTION co.

Their sleek wristwatches adapt oh-so-well to a busy lifestyle, as they are built for those of us constantly on the move. With beautifully crafted selections, you get to choose from a variety of colors and styles that can easily fit in to any active lifestyle. Personally, as a minimalist, it’s important to me that my accessories encompass both longevity and versatility – which is why I chose their tan color wristwatch in the single strap. Eager to try out my new time piece, I took it along with me over the course of the weekend, capturing my typical Friday-Sunday routine. Considering how my activities ranged from a day at work, to a family lunch, then waking up to start my early mornings, or catching the first glimpses of a windy sunset: my wristwatch stood stealthily. I also thought it would be a challenge finding ways to style this watch, but adding one or two simple rings and a silver bracelet did the job, and I’m so pleased with how comfortable the straps are, even when worn for longer periods. I wish I could say more, but you’d really have to experience the simplicity of this brand to understand why it’s such a great addition to a curated collection of accessories.

So, with that said, let me close off by thanking BAMBOO REVOLUTION co. for the perfect gift, and leave you with a few moments from my weekend takeover.



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