When it comes to wearing color, last year’s me would vehemently argue against the very idea of looking at, let alone buying, something even remotely not “minimal” (i.e. black, white, grey or beige). This attitude had gotten me through my de-cluttering phase, having rid myself of all the excess I’d accumulated since 13 years old. In earnest, I’d become something of a spartan, wanting for nothing, and living with the very bare essentials. By no means was it as extreme as the ancient Spartans of Greece, but the idea of minimalism I was prescribing to felt restrictive. I was struggling to create content, when that, in and of itself, required me to explore clothes on a larger scale than before. THE KEY TO COLOR


Effortlessly cool, the latest trend pieces to come from global retailers HM spring to life new classics like the pleated pants, athleisure crops with ribbed edging, and floral-embroidered denim jackets.
I chose to style this look below wearing all three of the above trends, not because I was short of basics like a white shirt or black pants, but because each piece, though detailed, encapsulate the kind of youthful cool-girl essence I THE NEW CLASSIC FEATURING H&M AW17