When it comes to wearing color, last year’s me would vehemently argue against the very idea of looking at, let alone buying, something even remotely not “minimal” (i.e. black, white, grey or beige). This attitude had gotten me through my de-cluttering phase, having rid myself of all the excess I’d accumulated since 13 years old. In earnest, I’d become something of a spartan, wanting for nothing, and living with the very bare essentials. By no means was it as extreme as the ancient Spartans of Greece, but the idea of minimalism I was prescribing to felt restrictive. I was struggling to create content, when that, in and of itself, required me to explore clothes on a larger scale than before. THE KEY TO COLOR


A few days ago, H&M were kind enough to let me into their Cape Town showroom and source from their dreamy summer capsule collections. The range I immediately gravitated toward consisted of beautifully crafted ivory white fabrics in assorted details ranging from grommet inspired lace edging to soft and breezy pleats. The attention to detail means you can pair everyday basics with these statement pieces, or you can clash textures like I did and create a look all your own. CLASSIC CONTEMPORARY WITH HM’S SUMMER COLLECTION