Growing pains couldn’t possibly rival that of adulthood, what with demand for consumerism increasing, many of us try – but often fail – to weed out what’s worth our money, and simply put, what isn’t. As a blogger, while ironically also a minimalist, I’ve learned to wait out on impulse buying, and nearly a year later, can confidently purchase new pieces that I truly want. Today’s post is BITS N’ PIECES


Being the observational type, I picked up that the need to feel well-dressed stems from a long pursuit of trying to understand one’s own tastes – wanting those tastes to reflect across the board, in both the home environment and wardrobe. With a flair for the basics, I typically gravitate towards neutral colors that can mix and match with relative ease. Juggling meetings, lunch dates, long hours of admin and planning content, for yours truly work often runs overtime in to weekends. That said, having to “dress up” every day of the week is impossible, even if most of my wardrobe does comprise of button downs and tailored pants. Having a strong desire for THE ART OF WEEKEND-DRESSING-DOWN